There's No Such Place As Away


There's No Such Place As Away


Artist statement: The way plastic accumulates in our ocean is a mirror of how invisible gases accumulate in our atmosphere. Both are castoffs that we think we can throw “away” or let blow “away”, but in a finite world, there is no such place as “away”. We still have to live with everything we try to discard.

The spiral shape and colors in this abstract work represent the interplay between hope and despair, climate disaster and resilience. The dark center represents a hurricane, or the swirl of the world going down the drain. At the same time, the brighter, outer curve of the spiral seems to grow up and out, representing rebirth, creativity and hope for a return of the beauty of the natural world.


Katie Giddings




Medium: Salvaged or intercepted ocean trash from Penobscot Bay and the surrounding watershed, glue, reused painted plywood.



Katie Giddings, “There's No Such Place As Away,” All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues, accessed July 3, 2022,

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