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Calling all Belfast area residents!
How is climate change impacting you, your family and our community?

Are you worried about sea level rise? Afraid of ticks and brown tail moths? Concerned about extreme heat days? Confused about community solar? Curious about heat pumps? Wondering about impacts for farmers, fishermen, foresters, or others?

We invite you to share your photos, videos & written stories:

1.  Use these 4 suggested questions to help write your story.

2.  Upload your answers (and/or your photo, or video) here.

3.  See what your neighbors have shared!

Things you can share

The ABCD collection welcomes your contributions in the following formats: 

  • Text / written words: essays, poems, letters, emails, blog posts

  • Images: photographs, artwork, comics, scanned documents (letters, event handouts), scanned historical images or documents

  • Conversations and interviews: with family members, friends, and neighbors (can be recorded in audio or video, or written)

  • Videos: video diaries, short films, animations, old family films

  • Sound recordings: audio diaries, spoken stories or poems, podcasts, soundscapes

Need inspiration or help?

We have some Suggested Questions to help get you started thinking about something you could share, or give you ideas about who you’d like to interview.

The 4 questions in this Google doc will help you structure your story (or you can interview someone else). You can download the Google doc, then save & upload it with your written answers

If you are talking with someone else about their story, memory or observation, here are some Tips for Interviewers

You can upload to the collection here (file size limit 128MB through the online form - if you would like to contribute a larger file, please contact us). 

If you prefer to share your story by phone, mail, email, or in person, please contact us.

Things to know when you share

  • Our online contribution form allows one file upload per item (128MB file size limit). If you have more files to share, or larger files to share, please contact us about submitting your materials via email.

  • We will ask you to provide a Title, Description, and Suggested Keywords. 

  • The name you enter as “Creator” will appear as the author of the item; leave this blank to remain anonymous.

  • We will ask you to provide your Name and Email so that we can contact you with questions. We will not share this information.

  • Contributors agree to share their items under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike license.

  • Items must not violate any confidentiality, privacy, security or other laws. View our Contributor Agreement

  • If you are uploading material created by or with other people, you must also secure their agreement to the terms and conditions of the Contributor Agreement.  

Tips and troubleshooting

  • If your file size is large or your internet speed is slow, the upload may take a bit - be patient! File size limit is 128 MB. If you try to upload a larger file, it will fail; it will not tell you why.

  • If the upload is taking some time, note that the “I’m not a robot” form might expire and you will need to do it again.

  • You must add your Name and Email Address at the bottom, or your contribution won’t upload. This information will be kept private and not shared with anyone. 

  • You won’t see your contribution appear in the collection immediately - it will be made public after being reviewed by ABCD staff.

  • Did you make a typo or forget something? Don’t worry! Contact us and we can edit it for you.


Please contact us if you have any questions!