Fine. You? (In Light of our Unwelcome Visitors)


Fine. You? (In Light of our Unwelcome Visitors)


I started painting Fine. You? over a decade ago during a difficult time. It became a repository for feelings that had nowhere else to go. Painting flames was cathartic when no words sufficed and no reliable truth was available. After my angst found a place to be and got recorded, I put it away. I thought it was only for me back then. I took it out and started painting again as quickly as possible in light of so many unreliable facts about virtually everything, the pandemic, and especially the undeniable reality of our climate, which now includes massive fluctuations in temperatures, sea levels, and unpredictable raging wildfires. Working on this piece again felt like the start of an action I could take and an invitation for viewers to consider a truth that’s right there in front of us.


Janice L. Moore


2009, 2021


18” x 24”, oil on canvas



Janice L. Moore, “Fine. You? (In Light of our Unwelcome Visitors),” All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues, accessed July 3, 2022,

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