Thoughts on "Imagining Our Climate Future: A Policy Perspective"


Thoughts on "Imagining Our Climate Future: A Policy Perspective"


Imagining our Climate Future


Brenda Harrington


April 12, 2022


ABCD/Belfast Free Library


Thoughts on "Imagining Our Climate Future: A Policy Perspective"
Presented by the Belfast Chapter of the Citizen Climate Lobby

I was impressed with this presentation by members of the Maine Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). CCL is advocating for the passage of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 2307), a bill that would encourage industries, businesses and all citizens in our country to reduce fossil fuel use and switch to renewable energy. It’s a good idea; passing a bill through Congress is an enormous task and this one needs a lot of support to get started.

Peter Garrett’s demonstration of the En-ROADS interactive Climate Solutions Simulator was very enlightening to me. Using the En-Roads website he illustrated the impacts of enacting a wide range of climate-related policies, such as electrifying transport, pricing carbon, and/or improving agricultural practices. He showed us how each would impact energy prices, temperature and sea level rise. I learned that if we take action together through advocacy and voting we could insist that our senators and representatives make the policy changes needed to reduce carbon emissions.

During Katrina Matheson’s presentation I learned that the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 2307) is not a tax on us citizens, nor is it a carbon offset plan. Rather it is a plan to help the United States transition away from using fossil fuels by putting a price on the carbon emitted by the biggest carbon users. The idea is that the money raised is then distributed to every household to offset the increased costs of using fossil fuel, like their heating bill. The goal is that companies and citizens will seek renewable energy alternatives to using carbon polluting fossil fuels. Before I watched this presentation I never understood the Carbon Dividend Act. I also did not know that 64 countries, including Canada, are already doing this! I believe it is time for the politicians that are bought by big oil and coal money to do the right thing for the citizens of the United States and pass this piece of legislation. Or at least bring it to the floor to begin the national conversation.

After you watch this program I encourage everyone to visit the CCL website to learn more, and to join a local chapter.

Brenda Harrington


Brenda Harrington, “Thoughts on "Imagining Our Climate Future: A Policy Perspective",” All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues, accessed July 3, 2022,

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