Climate Model: Tropical Permafrost


Climate Model: Tropical Permafrost


As an artist, I generally don’t approach making art from the perspective as an activist, but rather as a passive observer of the environment in the time I live. These pieces reflect this, as both were made directly from empirical observations from the natural environment. These were then run through my creative process to make the work.

Climate Model: Tropical Permafrost (2013, oil on panel, acrylic glass, metal standoffs) was made in Zhuhai, China and was made from observations made directly from a century old arboretum and garden. Specifically, it creatively reflects the the phenomenon of shifting climatic zones and the changes incurred on the natural environments and especially the flora.


Craig Volligny




oil on panel, acrylic glass, metal standoffs


Craig Volligny, “Climate Model: Tropical Permafrost,” All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues, accessed June 19, 2024,

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Fred Bowers

As a soil scientist and forest ecologist, I find this concept to be more than fabulous. I particularly love the work of Von Humboldt, and his Naturgemälde. This seems similar. 

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