Draft Climate Action Plan presented to Belfast City Council


Draft Climate Action Plan presented to Belfast City Council


On April 4th, 2023, Fred Bowers, chair of the Belfast Climate Crisis Committee, presented a first draft Climate Action Plan to the City Council as part of the committe's report.

Read the Draft Climate Action Plan document, posted at the top of this page.

Watch the presentation at the City Council meeting from the 30:00 minute point to 34:00.  
A summary of Fred's remarks follows:

The CCC has been preparing for this product for 5 years, since its inception in 2018. The CCC has been writing this draft Climate Action Plan for more than a year. 

The CAP is based on fulfilling its Mission, reference to numerous scientific studies, the Governor’s office guidance with the “Maine Won’t Wait” climate plan, and many other community meetings and dialogues, such as those posted on the Belfast Free Library ABCD program website. There was a lot of community interaction and dialogue.

During these meetings, everyone recognizes that we need to have a plan for climate change. This CAP is that plan. Belfast has many accomplishments. We have a lot to be proud of. 

What's not included in this draft is the list of potential Future Actions needed to implement the plan. The CCC has that draft list and it's a big one that we are paring down. At some point we will need to lay out these actions with the City Council and prioritize them, perhaps in a work session.

The CAP, along with enrollment in the Community Resilience Partnership, will enable Belfast to be in a strong position to be eligible for the State and Federal money that may become available to deal with Climate Change. 

Our future citizens will appreciate that we all worked on this CAP and that we are dealing with Climate Change.  


Belfast Climate Crisis Committee


April 4, 2023


Belfast Climate Crisis Committee, “Draft Climate Action Plan presented to Belfast City Council,” All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues, accessed May 27, 2024, https://abcdbelfast.omeka.net/items/show/148.

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