ABCD Photo Contest Submissions


ABCD Photo Contest Submissions


ABCD's summer 2022 photo contest, "Celebrating Belfast: Places & Play!" garnered 35 great submissions! SEE BELOW for the list of all photos and photographers.

It was truly wonderful to see how many things there are to celebrate about Belfast. Amy Tingle of Waterfall Arts, our contest judge, "loved seeing Belfast through the lens of others."

We wanted to share all the excellent photos here and say thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We love that you have so many ways to enjoy Belfast!

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place, "Play" Category:
Walking on the Beach by Grace Murdock

1st place, "Places" Category: Misty Morning by Daniel Hanscome

2nd place (overall): Top of the Morning by Kimberly Snyder Sterrs

3rd Place (overall): Bike Rack, Belfast Soup Kitchen by Turil Cronburg

Photos in order from left to right: 

Deirdre Good

  1. Sunrise Kelly Cove
    December 25, 2021, Kelly’s Cove, Northport

Watching a sunrise is a year-round magical opportunity to see beauty unfold amidst peace and natural sounds. 

Cris Hughes

  1. Ribbons of Many Colors (Co-op)
  2. Town Dock
  3. Little library at East Side School
  4. Harbor walk
  5. Last Summer- JOY
  6. Little library on Union Street
  7. Myth Weaver Playhouse Theater window
  8. Last week on the bay
  9. Local produce

Nina Lowe

The place is the Allyn Street Rangeway, on the shore of the bay, looking toward Blue Hill and Acadia. It was taken on 11/30/18 at 6:25 AM.

I enjoy winter, for many reasons, including the magnificent sunrises I see when I hike down to the bay early in the morning to catch the sunrise.

  1. Sunrise from the Allyn St Rangeway, 2018

Fred Bowers

There was a fairly intense storm on 7/31/2017. When the storm ended, many neighbors on Bayview Street poked their heads out for a good view and observed these rainbows, and shared in the wonder of it all. I think there are pots of gold on both sides of the Bay!

  1. Rainbow over Bayview St, 2017

Peter Daly

  1. Lobster Bake on the Harbor, Beth. August 2017
  2. Arts in the Park, June 2021

Rebecca Bunker

Photo taken October 19th 2019.

On the rail trail...

  1. "Between two bridges", Oct. 2019
  2. “Play Category” Picking Maine Blueberries in the backyard 2021


Lawrence Reichard

  1. Snowman

The photo was taken February 20, 2021 on the Hills to Sea Trail near the CMP substation near City Point.  I call the photo "Snowman" and it is a picture of a natural snow formation I found on the ground, on the forest floor.  It is untouched by human hand.

Lu Pierro

  1. The Tugs

We are always fascinated by the shipyard and the under workings of the various seaworthy vessels. A world unknown to most of us until it is hoisted from the waters. 

Grace Murdock

  1. Walking on the Beach

Bonnie Black

  1. Near the Boathouse, 2019

I’ve spent many hours (days, weeks?) walking this shore, near the boathouse. 
It always seems to have a new story to tell, at any given moment. Like a town, a city, and definitely Belfast.

I chose this particular photo due to it’s sense of mystery, uncertainty, and ever-changing light. Maybe a storm just passed. Or is coming.

Daniel Hanscome

  1. Misty Morning
This was taken early one sunrise, 20 below zero, with an iPhone 5 and Snapseed post production. That is sea smoke in the air that you see around the sunrise.

Jessica Chambers
July 9th 2022♡ I enjoy walking by the water and Fishing with my Family! The water was so beautiful that night

22. Fishing from the bridge

Emily Kohl

  1. Taco Night

This photo is Taco Night at High Ridge Farm in South Montville.  To me it represents the beauty, awe and wonder of a Maine barn, which is an iconic sacred space capturing the evening light.  But also it’s a fun intergenerational evening of play and community relaxation featuring local food. June 2021.

Kimberly Snyder Sterrs

  1. Joy in Belfast
  2. Top of the Morning
  3. Garden Tours

Turil Cronberg

27.Bike Rack, Belfast Soup Kitchen

Jeffrey Maybee

  1. The Cheese Roll at the Celtic Festival in Belfast   7/20/14 

Mark Tuckerman

One of my favorite sea smoke shots from the docks, Belfast Maine

January 2022..temp was about minus 10

  1. Sea Smoke
  2. Ghost Ships


Betsy Headley

  1. Belfast Footbridge in the Fog


Sarah Trunzo

  1. A short Commute, Summer 2021

Caption: During the summer of 2021, we lived aboard a borrowed sailboat on a mooring in Belfast Harbor. It wasn’t for fun, really, rather a telltale sign of both a harsh housing market and a Covid-era border restriction that prevented Jonathan from retrieving his boat from Canada. But we did have fun. A short commute is made play on the water. Even if we were rushing in for a cancer appointment or an early morning radio show, even if we were rowing out in the dark or in an argument— the water was strong, subtle a tonic.


Sally Brophy

  1. December 2019 Labyrinth Sunrise
  2. December 2018 Seasmoke Sentinels 
  3. August 2019 Reflections on the Little River

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July 26, 2022



ABCD Team, “ABCD Photo Contest Submissions,” All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues, accessed September 27, 2022,

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